What we learned

Assessing the impact of specialist tuition on learning

An analysis of the outcomes of intervention sessions during the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-22 had  a major impact on education worldwide and in  response to this event, the National Tutoring Programme (PTP) was formed.  The PTP was a collaboration of key membership bodies that was able to form a collective of professionals with specific training in teaching literacy who could work with children who were falling behind, by delivering tuition underpinned by specific principles around enhancing metacognition.  

Their chief aim was to upskill pupils with lifelong learning techniques and in so doing, impact upon their learning in the long term.  It is important that we were able to show what we had done and we can now present the results here.  By measuring changes in learning engagement, changes in learning behaviour, and by drawing on qualitative observations, we have demonstrated that there was significant enhancement of school engagement in response to our tutor provision, as well as improved learning behaviour.  

These changes occurred for pupils with and without SEND and whether or not they were delivered in small groups or in one-to-one conditions.  These enhancements in learning are supported by qualitative information that enriches the account of this programme.  

The full report is available here to download in pdf format.

We hope that this report will provide an opportunity for others to consider the implementation of similar metacognitive teaching strategies delivered by our PTP specialist practitioners.